My Papa had diabetes…

And although we had a cautious lifestyle, a routine checkup revealed that something was wrong with me…

My lifestyle wasn’t quite right and soon it seemed I’d have diabetes too. And the cautious lifestyle of my Papa, who regularly injected himself with insulin, wasn’t helping.

There was something in our diet that was taking our lives downhill. I didn’t want to live the rest of my life with insulin injections. It was as if I saw my life turning into my Papa’s. So I began my research. And discovered that our so-called “right” diet…

Was so absolutely wrong.

The chickens we ate were unnaturally grown at a disgustingly fast rate. And meat?

Our meat was coming from slaughtered cows that were already half dead, to begin with! Our flour was deprived of essential ingredients. And our milk was unnaturally forced out of cows. Every single packaged product that we’d pick up, was a lie.

Our culture had made food a representation of love, the very refusal to drink soda at your friend’s place was seen as a statement that you didn’t respect them enough. We had been so caught up in the so-called ordinary life that we had been ignorant about what went into our very mouths since generations.

It seemed that the consumer society wouldn’t provide my family with the right food that our bodies needed.

How could I possibly trust anything that they produced anymore? Especially with Papa’s health deteriorating. So, I decided to make my own food. I discovered all the essential ingredients required by humans and my Mummy with her very own hands made the first batch of our fortified flour.

The flour was circulated amongst my family. My family changed and my health drastically improved. However, unfortunately, the poison that society had fed Papa had already taken its toll.

Papa… Passed.

However, KYF was born. And we’ve never gone back to normal food since. And you shouldn’t either.

Don’t let your Mummys and Papas fade before their time.

Mohsin Jafri, Director – Eat Right