While all edibles will sustain your body, there are some foods that are especially beneficial to your brain while some balance your hormones.

We’re focusing today on the types of food that can help fuel your brain.

Whole Grains (Aid in focus)

In order to remain to steady and focused the brain needs a steady supply of juices (glucose in the bloodstream)
Whole grains maintain a stable secretion of glucose into your blood, making you alert during and throughout the day.

Suggestions of usage: Be your own chef! You can start off by using whole grains for the rotis’ and loaves you bake at home. Try beginning youur epic journey here.

2. Fish (Keep your brain tip top)
Since your body cannot produce EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids), they must be acquired through your intake.
And it just so happens that nature placed the most beneficial of omega-3 fats in fish as EPA’s and DHA’s (types of fatty acids present in fish) in their active forms. For a healthy heart, brain and joints these fats are essential.
In fact low DHA levels have been suggested to raise the risk of the Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and memory loss. While a balance presence of these fats has been linked to low stress levels.

Suggestions of usage: There’s no shortage of desi ways to cook fish. Just google it!

3. Blueberries (May help boost short-term memory)

Research conducted at Tufts University in the U.S indicated that the intake of blueberries may result in better memory and stopper the occurrence of short term memory loss.

Suggestions of usage: Put it into your cereal! Mix it with your weetabix, cornflakes and porridge, that way you can eat it daily. Of course, these are seasonal fruits so you might not always be fortunate enough to have them.

4. Blackcurrants (May help reduce anxiety and stress)

The vitamin, vitamin C has been demonstrated to reduce stress and anxiety. And one of the very best natural carriers of this vitamin is the blackcurrant. Others include citrus fruits and broccoli.

Suggestions of usage: It’s expected that you might not find these in the fruit market of Pakistan. But if you’re abroad, you should definitely add this to your daily salads.

5. Nuts (May prevent the slowing of the brain)

A good intake of vitamin E may help to prevent minor cognitive impairment. Nuts are an excellent sources of vitamin E (others include green vegetables, olives and brown rice).

Suggestions of usage: You can find nuts in any season in Pakistan. Admittedly, they aren’t very cheap, but they are worth it. A tidy trick that many health conscious households have started doing is that instead of serving their guests nimko, they have bowls of raisins mixed with almonds (badam), peanuts and walnuts.